Bonobo – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

8 May

Simon Green, or Bonobo, performed his first-ever essential mix on BBC Radio 1. The essential mix is a great way to really understand an artist and their artistic visions. Bonobo’s mix is out of this world as expected. Check it out and get a free download below.


Austin Cesear – Cloud Hall

5 Feb


austincesssBay Area producer Austin Cesear is an underground techno artist, with his top-viewed video on Youtube having under 2500 views. I first heard this song on a mix I stumbled upon on the depths of Soundcloud, and had to have it. His music is hard to describe; it delves deep into murky avant garde techno. Some songs on his album have beats, others are ambient soundscapes. Cloud Hall has the most consistent beat of the album, but it doesn’t lose the dreamy-space vibe. The beat is slow, addicting. The rhythmic synth that makes the song is astral and otherworldly. This is one of my favorite techno songs to date. I hope to hear more out of him soon.

Abjo – Boombap Nippon

3 Feb


It’s been awhile since my last post, but paying my yearly bill on this domain always reminds me to start again. This post’s artist, Abjo, hails from San Diego California. He’s a fantastic beat maker, with Boombap Nippon being one of his most catchy tunes. It’s got a great beat with an oriental-sounding string sample on top. It’s addictive and is available for free download below.  Be sure to check out more Abjo at his soundcloud!

AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like it (Wilfred Giroux Remix)

7 Aug


Aluna Francis from AlunaGeorge gained fame for singing on the house classic, White Noise by Disclosure. On July 26th, the London duo’s debut full-length album dropped. The track You Know You Like it was then remixed by London garage producer Wilfred Giroux. This tune is excellent garage. It’s got a fat bassline, great synths, and Aluna provides fantastic vocals samples. This is an instant classic.

Also, if you want more frequent updates of music, follow me on my soundcloud here.

Dusky – Someone Like You

31 Jul


Dusky is a deep house producer out of London that I just discovered on DI Radio. As soon as I heard Someone Like You I had to get it. It’s such a great beat. The synth is fantastic and minimal. The drum beat is very groovy. If you like this tune, check out more Dusky on his soundcloud.

Shigeto – Field Trip

18 Jul


Back in April I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite electronic artist, Bonobo. The opener was Shigeto, someone who I’ve heard of but never really listened to. He was absolutely incredible, making live hip-hop samples and then playing alive drumkit with it. I never got around to listening to any more, but yesterday, I started listening to his 2012 release, Lineage. It’s just awesome, very jazzy, with great piano work, awesome beats/drumkit, and great samples. It’s minimal, jazzy, and beautiful. Like much of my favorite music, it’s difficult to describe in terms of genres. My favorite song off of the album is Field Trip. It’s fantastic. If you like this, please check out the rest of Lineage, it’s one of my new favorite albums.

Machinedrum – eyesdontlie

16 Jul


Machinedrum, a.k.a. Travis Stewart, is a glitch/hip-hop/idm producer out of North Carolina. He’s on Ninja Tune, the same label as Bonobo, Amon Tobin, and other electronic legends. Eyesdontlie is his new single, and it’s an awesome tune. It’s genre bending – it has parts that are ambient, parts that are glitch, and parts that are almost dnb sounding. It’s got great beats and great bass. This was a really good find.

If you dig that track, check out his remix of Bonobo’s Eyesdown. It’s incredible.

Fred V & Grafix – One of These Days, Icarus remix

12 Jul


I just found this jazzy drum and bass tune, and I’ve really been digging it. Fred V & Grafix are a dnb duo out of Devon, England. They really know their stuff. One of These Days has an incredible, dreamy jazz-piano melody over a great dnb beat, at times slowing to half speed and becoming a hoppin’, jazzy hip-hop beat. It also features horns and other jazz riffs. I’ve never heard such a great combination of jazz and dnb.

Also, check out this fantastic remix these guys did of Madeon’s Icarus! It’s pretty great as well.

Blonde – It’s You

9 Jul


Here’s another tune that really is a summer anthem. I just found it, it’s a chill, groovy house tune. Adam Englefield and Jacob Manson make up the UK house duo that is Blonde. It’s got a sample that I recognize from somewhere else that I can’t quite place, but besides that the song is awesome. It’s got a groovin’ piano line that goes great with the bass line. Download it for free from their soundcloud below! Bump this one!

Eskmo – We are All Terestrial

3 Jul


I just got back from Electric Forest in Rothbury, MI, and it was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had.  I saw so much good music. One of the acts that I discovered there was Eskmo. I had heard only one or two tunes, but his performance at Forest absolutely blew me away. He live-sampled things like water bottles and pop cans and made them sound incredible. I’ve been listening to a lot of his music since I got back. It’s very different and hard to categorize. One of my favorites so far is We are all Terrestrial. The song is so deep and interesting. It’s also in 7\4. If you like Eskmo, check out his website.



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