Bassnectar – Lost in the Crowd (LOCOJA Remix)

18 Apr


Bassnectar’s most recent release, Noise vs. Beauty, hasn’t been my favorite album of his, besides a few great tracks. But I really love the remixes. The first remix I posted is G Jone’s hard-hitting mix of Don’t Hate the 808, and this one’s just as good. It’s still based on a trap beat, but it’s a little more funky, with wavey synths, and has a verse by Zumbi (Zion I). It’s a classic.

Bonobo – Flashlight

6 Apr

I think Bonobo is the artist I have posted most about, but that won’t stop me from posting more. This is by no means new, as this EP came out in December 2014. It’s main song, Flashlight, is a classic Bonobo track, featuring the Cirrus-style slow-house beat. Check it our below.

Also, here’s an incredible live version of Prelude + Kiara in Croatia, filmed on the North Borders Live DVD.

Jehst – Move Back

5 Apr

jehstUK hip hop legend Jehst is a favorite of mine when it comes to rap. If you love roots rap and dislike a lot of flashy American hip hop, the UK scene might be more your style. Jehst’s style is raw, dirty, and to the point. It’s what roots rap is all about. If you dig this tune, check out another classic of his here.


Bassnectar – Don’t Hate the 808 (G Jones remix)

2 Apr

Like dubstep did four years ago, trap’s mainstream success had led to the degradation of the genre, and finding good trap has become a chore. But finally I’ve found a reliable artist who pushes the boundaries of the genre, while keeping it interesting and exciting. Santa Cruz’s G Jones is now making his way through the festival circuit, spreading his version of heavy trap that’s well polished but raw, incorporating elements of hip-hop and dub bass. Below is his incredible remix of Bassnectar’s Don’t Hate the 808. If you enjoy this banger, his soundcloud has a ton more to offer.

Gold Panda – Half of Where You Live

2 Apr

Being a huge fan of Bonobo and similar styles, Gold Panda has always been a related suggestion. It took me awhile to get into Derwin Scheckler’s music, but a live show of his got the ball rolling. Then I discovered this album. It is a masterpiece all the way through, with a specific, surreal theme. Favorites are English House and Community, listen below.

Infected Mushroom – Becoming Insane

1 Apr

Infected Mushroom always brings a show, and this year’s Animatronica tour stepped up their game. I recently attended their show almost exactly a year after their last one in Royal Oak, on their Animatronica tour. A giant animatronic mushroom seethed and breathed steam in the background, as frontman Duvdev waved a wand at the crowd with those insane-looking eyes. And just like every other time I see a great show, I can’t stop listening to IM’s music. The latest song that’s really been a brain-worm is Becoming Insane, a classic from the Vicious Delicious album. It’s a psytrance banger, mixed with a Spanish-flavored melody and heavy guitars. Check out the track below, and see the tour if you get a chance. PUSH IT!

Aphex Twin – Xtal

31 Mar

After years of having an underground cult following, Richard James, better known as Aphex Twin, is finally getting some recognition. His first album in 13 years, Syro, clinched the Grammy for best electronic/dance album of 2014. His first studio release, Selected Ambient Words 85-92 came out in 1992, forever changing electronic music. Styles from this era of Aphex can be heard in almost any form of electronica today. A classic from this album is Xtal, with a house beat and simple synths, it isn’t very complex, but emotional and comforting. Check it out.


Bonobo – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

8 May

Simon Green, or Bonobo, performed his first-ever essential mix on BBC Radio 1. The essential mix is a great way to really understand an artist and their artistic visions. Bonobo’s mix is out of this world as expected. Check it out and get a free download below.


Austin Cesear – Cloud Hall

5 Feb


austincesssBay Area producer Austin Cesear is an underground techno artist, with his top-viewed video on Youtube having under 2500 views. I first heard this song on a mix I stumbled upon on the depths of Soundcloud, and had to have it. His music is hard to describe; it delves deep into murky avant garde techno. Some songs on his album have beats, others are ambient soundscapes. Cloud Hall has the most consistent beat of the album, but it doesn’t lose the dreamy-space vibe. The beat is slow, addicting. The rhythmic synth that makes the song is astral and otherworldly. This is one of my favorite techno songs to date. I hope to hear more out of him soon.

Abjo – Boombap Nippon

3 Feb


It’s been awhile since my last post, but paying my yearly bill on this domain always reminds me to start again. This post’s artist, Abjo, hails from San Diego California. He’s a fantastic beat maker, with Boombap Nippon being one of his most catchy tunes. It’s got a great beat with an oriental-sounding string sample on top. It’s addictive and is available for free download below.  Be sure to check out more Abjo at his soundcloud!


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